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Fashion and fun

Chrystopher is a great photographer for a party or event. He has a great energy. He photographed makeovers, models, mixers, and more! If you want to hear about all the weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs he has done, check out another part of this site!



Noticing the Details

Noticing details is one quality that makes an excellent photographer!


“I had the opportunity to travel to New York City to view a decorators’ show house.  It was one of those multi-million dollar townhomes one block from Central Park.  The various rooms in the 5 story home were decorated beyond belief.  Most people pass by this without a sideways glance.  I love the details.  Most of what I shot were doorknobs, or parts of the door.  I also shot on a Nikon 8008s.” -CR

Sample Wedding Album

This is a wedding album that Chrystopher created for a couple after their wedding, a few years ago. Each image you see is the two-page spread as it appears in the album.


Residential Interiors

Chrystopher has enjoyed photographing for interior designers, as well.  He uses a special technique to capture the light in every corner of the room. You will not get this effect with a point-and-shoot camera!

These rooms were arranged and designed by Carol Weil, CLW Designs

Fine Art – for your home or office

Chrystoper writes,  “We have CNN and MSNBC to show us the failures of this world.  I would rather we focus on what God has done and continues to do.  There is beauty everywhere. My desire is to expand it and bring it to bursting with God’s goodness in the world around us without making it artificial.”